Friday, May 30, 2008

Hospital - Day 13

Today wasn't great. They brought breakfast too late and I had to go to my first test w/out my nice, hot breakfast. Good thing I know where they keep the milk and cereal ;)

I had a couple of stress-invoking phone calls today. ...Don't people know not to bug the pregnant lady with problems? It's not like I can deal with this stuff!!

Then I started feeling sick...queasy and runny. Still feeling a little ick. Hopefully it'll be gone tomorrow.

The twins, however, are doing great. They take turns being ..playful (running away from the probes). But overall they're still doing well on their tests - a few decels, but they pop right back up after. So, I'm not too worried about them.


Fairee Princess said...

Hi! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well :( But I'm glad the twins are doing well :) I love you! I should probably talk to Haquon about this, not you, but my last day of school is this wednesday so after that I can come over and help out and stuff! I love you and hope you're doing well!

Amy said...

It was fun to visit you on your day 14. Would you like me to send you those pictures before you post?


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