Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hospital - Day 5

"Did you go to _________ High School?" friend's little sister recognized me from way back. She's one of my nurses! Last time I saw her I was graduating from Highschool...and I think she was about 9 yrs old. It's been fun to talk to her and catch up. She was always a cutie and she's still a cutie. And since I'm here for 5 more weeks, I get to see her lots :)

I am 29 weeks today!!! /cheers

The twins are doing great. They're funny. They're so close together that their heartbeats tend to be the same for long stretches. So, it's really hard to make sure you're watching two different babies on the monitors. You have to just watch for a while and wait for their heart rates to split off. The machine often complains that it's montioring the same baby twice.


Amy said...

Sorry for not commenting for a few weeks. Been real busy. I know I just emailed you, but that's awesome you saw our old buddy's lil' sis. She's a sweetie--I'm glad she's taking care of you.

BTW, I got a baby announcement from Safire's fam today--sooooo cute!

RainSplats said...

!! I wanna see!! I wonder if I can get sexy Haqon to remember to bring it this weekend. Gosh..I wonder if anyone's even bothered to bring in the mail since I've been away.


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