Sunday, May 18, 2008

1 day left at Home

The house is mostly clean. Strong Bear's birthday cake is baked. I finally packed. I've never packed so much in my life. 6 weeks is a really long time. I'm going nuts over my camera. I have to leave it home so my family can take cute pictures to send me. but....I also need it with me when the twins are born. I can't imagine missing those "first moments" pictures. (esp since I might not be awake to see them for myself.)

Sexy Haqon hunted the yard sales today and came home with some really nice treasures. It inspired us to hang the pictures in our den. (ya know - the ones that have been sitting on our piano for 5 months waiting for us to figure out where to hang them.) Now that I'm leaving, the den looks really nice. Haqon also found something for the kitchen....and we finally bought the greenery we'd been wanting to top the kitchen cabinets with. All of this deserves pictures but I'm sleepy and still need to do my daily puzzle regiment to keep my brain from mushing.

The kids are happy that grandma and grandpa are here. I am, too. I guess everything's ready. It's weird being the one leaving. Usually it's Sexy Haqon leaving for a couple days for a business trip. It's super weird being on the other side of it. He said it's weird for him, too. Atleast I'll only be 50 minutes away, have wifi, and be within 4 ft of a phone....hehe :)

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Safire said...

Sounds like you guys need another camera for you! Wish we lived closer and you could borrow one of ours. Good luck today!


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