Monday, May 26, 2008

45 minutes from the Blood Takers ...

Gma changed, Rabbit changed, Haqon changed, and Finch changed clothes. Finch the Fount fared worst. Now an empty tummy makes a delightful Finch.

Ninja Mom lived up to her name. She snuck home through a screen-saver slide-show and looked on Strong Bear. "Mommy, mommy, mommy" from his lips and kicks, kicks, kicks from his hips.

Haqon and his ducklings run through pouring rain that bounces like rocks (for only the second time in her life, Rabbit remarks). Once inside the van, the wind joins them, scattering rain pellets everywhere, including down Haqon's pants.


RainSplats said...

Doh! Didn't realize she got all of ya. (except lucky bear). Hope she's feeling better.


>Haqon's pants
oooooh - sounds refreshing :)

Amy said...

This is some interesting poetry. Unfortunately, I don't get any of it.


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