Monday, May 26, 2008

Hospital - Day 9

6am - blood guy flips on the light and says, "the doctors want me to draw some blood".
....I told him off and kicked him out. Not really, but as close as I've ever come. I told him he was mistaken. Told him about the new orders in my chart. I'm pretty sure I was polite (in that way lawyers are polite when they're right and you're wrong and they're letting you know.) Blood guy backed out of the room, slowly, apologizing. My nurse came in later and told me she threw away the sheet for me that tells the lab guys to draw my blood for typing every 3 days. I'm told he won't be in again. Maybe I did scare him...hehe (no. It was NOT the same guy as last time (maybe he took a sick day).

Feeling empowered from not needing the blood draws, I also declined a heplock. A heplock is an IV without the IV part. They jab your vein and stick the heplock in you...and then if you need an IV, they just stick the IV part on and you're good to go. They told me it's standard for twins and didn't make it sound like I had a choice. I declined anyway. Later I found out they have to re-do the heplock every 3 days. ...they have to poke your vein in a new spot every 3 days...just incase they have to give you an IV at some point. I don't think of have 5 weeks worth of vein for them to poke. I certainly don't want to find out. sheesh!


Safire said...

Good for you! And they put IVs in patients at a moments notice all the time, they can do the same for you! :) Hope you're enjoying your Monday.

jenfarmgirl said...

Oh wow, do I remember those days. I found out there are lots of things you can say no to, even if it seems impossible. Yeah, I noticed they don't always look at the chart, too.

We think of you every day! I hope those babies can stay until 35 weeks. That's my wish.

Amy said...

Wow, way to go. I tried refusing the heplock with my last delivery, but they guilted me into it. I guess since I ended up getting pitocin it doesn't matter either way, but I still wish I could stick to my guns sometimes.


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