Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Misadventure's of Haqon - Part 1 of 435

We lost Delightful Finch's binky yesterday, so I bought a couple of new ones. We sterilized them last night in boiling water and then gave them to an immediately happy and quiet Finch. Good job, Dad!

This afternoon Gma was holding a complaining Finch who was fingering her gums and I decided to once again be an awesome Dad. This comes easy for me.

I grabbed the nearest binky on the counter. It looked odd - something was different from what I remembered about the two I bought yesterday. Shrug. "Here cutey pie - do you need this?"

Gma calmy said, "Oh, we found the other binky today. [Strong Bear] found it ..."

I skillfully popped the binky in my daughters mouth and she sucked it right in and started chomping away.

"... in the toilet."





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RainSplats said...


You have a way with words, my Love :)


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