Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Angel

Mom [on phone]: Love you, Sweetie.  b-bye.
Angel: Was that Daddy?
Mom: Yep.
Angel: That's soooo COOL!!

Angel: Mom, I hit your computer.....and I'm so, so, soooo sorry :(
Mom: Awwww...I forgive you, sweetie.
Angel: Yay!  Squeezie hug! [/big hugs]

[Bear, Finch, Angel are all playing in the castle...when Mom enters the room]
Mom: Bear, come here--is your tummy still hungry?
Finch: Mom, we're not in trouble
Bear: We're just playing - we're not doing anything.
Angel: [pokes her head out the castle window] Mom, we're playing Magic Cards!!! [/huge smile]**
Bear: ANGEL!!  Don't say that!!
Finch: [scampers out of the castle] I need to go upstairs now.....

**no magic cards were hurt in the making of this memory.  Thank goodness!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Slumber Party

Finch and Angel dragged their beds together for a slumber party.
It wasn't long before Seraph was in on the fun:
Cuties! Hope they have fun :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Seraph whined for an hour today before I figured out her gtube was leaking.  Her shirt was so dark that I didn't notice the stain.  I tried all sorts of things and finally decided she just needed a nap...but couldn't calm her down. Right about the time I started to get worried, I patted her tummy and her shirt squished.  Poor girl.  I told her to just use her words next time.  I think she ignored me.  She was lots happier cleaned up and in dry clothes.

A few weeks ago her GI doctor told me to check her gtube every 4-6 days.  He said sometimes they get a slow leak but if you check it often you can refill the balloon instead of inserting a new one. I refilled it.  I'll check it again tomorrow to see if it's a slow leak or needs to be replaced.  It was only half a ml low, but that was enough to leak.

Beautiful Rabbit saw me making a collage on picnik. OOoooooooh!!  She wanted to try it:
You should try it - it's fun.  :)


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