Friday, May 16, 2008

3 days left at Home

"I don't want to go!" ...says the girl who used to get "homesick" for her mom watching mom's car back out of the driveway. ...says the girl whose parents picked her up for a day out when Beautiful Rabbit was 2 only to turn the car around after 2 blocks because Gpa noticed the tears streaming down my face and asked if I needed to go back home. ..says the girl who can't fall asleep when her hunny isn't in the room. ...says the girl who bursts into tears at random moments and is extremely grateful to be able to blame hormones!

I like being the mom. I like hearing "do you need a hug?.....well, do you need a mommy hug?" and then little footsteps coming towards me. I like getting Rabbit's snack and hearing about her day. I like kissing Finches toes and stealing her binky after changing her diaper. I like being the one to get Finch out of her crib in the morning - she giggles and "runs" away...and "falls down" and finally comes over and wraps her arms around my neck so I can pull her out of the crib and slide her down to the floor.

I like anticipating their needs and knowing how to say just the right thing to diffuse problems. I like understanding toddler-speak. I like knowing the words to their favorite songs.

I like giving the first hug to Daddy when he comes home. I like the way Sexy Haqon reminds me that I'm not just a mom. I like staying up all night talking about book stuff and I like sneaking upstairs to cuddle til the kids notice we're gone and come jump all over the bed.

Do you have any idea how many hugs I'm going to miss while I'm gone? I'm going to be seriously lacking in the hug department!!

I don't have to want to go. Even if I could forget for a second why I'm going, Haqon wouldn't let me not go. He's all full of reminders of happy thoughts. Honestly, though, I'd be going crazy if it weren't for the Grandparents coming to look after the kids (and the hubby, but don't tell him that - shhhhh!). My kids adore their grandparents. and "it's ok, I already fed the kids once today" isn't nearly as funny as Haqon thinks it is :P

anyway, I'm kinda bummed today because I ordered a birthday present for Strong Bear online and it was supposed to come by today and didn't. So...I won't get to see him play with it for the first time. I know it's such a little thing....but he has the cutest smile....

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Elden said...

Thoughtful expressions from a precious daughter about to step into a new phase of life. Who knows what is ahead, but step forward knowing we love and support you. You will discover talents and abilities to smooth the rough places. Your love will expand for each precious dear one. Pray and go forward in faith. We love you. gma


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