Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Peri Appointment--26 weeks 6 days

We had a good appointment today. I've been worried because I've been feeling lots of pressure. It felt like the babies might just fall out while I was walking. My cervix is fine. Dr. Peri said both heads are down and that's why I'm feeling so much pressure.

BabyA was shy today--she must've learned it from her sister. We did get cute pictures of their feet. BabyA is 2lb3oz. She's in the 43rd percentile on weight for her age. She gained 10oz this week. Her heart rate was 150 - it's been the same the last couple of appointments.

BabyB weighs 1lb15oz. She gained 7oz this past week. She's in the 37th percentile on weight for her age. Her heart rate was 153 - faster than it's been in past weeks, but still within normal range.

They're both kicking high on my tummy. They really didn't want to be spied on today. They kept kicking the ultrasound wand. It was fun to have them being so responsive.

The cord scans were promising--lots of tangles, but the scans indicated no compression today. Dr Peri also told me that it's better for the cords to wrap around the babies heads than around the other cords--compression/danger-wise.

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