Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost Spring..

Seraph is getting her RSV shot tomorrow.  It'll be her last one.  Hopefully that means the season will be ending.  It's supposed to be over already...but people don't wash their hands all the time like crazy freaks or soak everything in hand sanitizer (hah)...so the RSV germs keep getting spread around.

This isn't a rant about RSV, though....but it could be.  I spent 2 hours jumping through hoops yesterday....literal hoops would've been funner.  Someone bought out the pharmacy that supplies Seraph's RSV shot.  I guess mistakes happen.  The mistake that wasted part of my day was someone tracking me down and demanding I pay a $20 co-pay before they'd mail her RSV shot to my doctor's office.   Huh.  That's new.  Turned out the actual pharmacy people weren't worried that I was going to run off with my $20 and said they would normally just bill me later for it.  They'd already boxed it up...and there were no holds on my account.  I guess they worry more when the co-pay is bigger.

Angel.  She's figuring out that she can get more places if she moves her feet while she's standing.  I can just hear MY dad's voice whispering, "trip her....trip her".  She's still clinging to couches, people, chairs, and rolling toys....but she's figuring this walking thing out way too fast.  I still can't bring myself to tripping her (sorry, Dad)....but maybe if I just hold her all the time.... I'm pretty sure she'd be OK with that.

AuntA got the twins the cutest lil clothes.  I meant to take a pic of Angel today in one of the shirts.  Sooooo cute!  Thanks, AA :)

Oh, and happy birthday to my lil bro, too.  Love you! Come visit :)

Monday, March 30, 2009


Cousin C came to visit this weekend.  Rabbit and Bear used to play w/ C all the time before we moved.  It was fun to play with him.  His parents played Wii games with us while the kids played all over everywhere.....  and then they dragged us to the park.

Baby Seraph was all smiles...and Baby Angel was very friendly.  All around, a very successful day.  Hopefully they'll be able to come again, soon.....maybe for swimming time!

Now that winter is easing up, it's nice to have more visits from friends :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Time at the Park

Just in time for Haqon's parent's visit, we had a few days of Spring!  Spring means flowers in the grass, walks around the lake, and trips to the park!  Seraph has a new feeding pump that is very mobile.  She loves field trips! 

We couldn't let her out of the stroller for fear Angel would mess with her cords....but we all had a great time until the sun went down.  Then it was suddenly very cold!  Mom ran baby Seraph home and everyone else followed.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grandpa and Angel

My kids really missed playing with Gma & Gpa while they were in Hawaii.  Angel loves her Gpa....and you can see why.  Aren't they cute together? :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Seraph

We decided Seraph is doing well enough that we asked for a physical therapist.  In one week, she's already improved her neck strength.  This week we'll be working on neck and shoulder strength.  Unlike most babies, she's great at lifting her neck up when she's on her tummy.  Because it hurt for so long, she doesn't like to pull her head towards her chest.  

She rolls to both sides, but not onto her tummy.  We're working on teaching her to roll from her tummy to her back.

She likes her teddy bear.  She scoots herself (on her back) all over the floor and tangles up her feet in all her cords.  She holds her temperature better now, so we've been dressing her.  It helps keep her cords in place.  She likes to hold her hand up in the air and examine her fingers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wiggly Toes

Some Pictures for you (cuz really I'm already asleep)...

That's my brother in the last picture holding Angel.  Grandma got her that shirt:  "If Mommy says no, ask GRANDMA"

Haqon's parents stayed with us this weekend.  It was really fun :)  We spent lots of time at the park and just playing.  Grandma really got into the wii fit stuff.  Grandpa was Delightful Finch's favorite "toy" the whole time he was here.  He played with baby Seraph and got her to start reaching out farther than ever before for her toy :)

It was nice to have a few days of spring before this silly snow. (silly snow that my kids are quite happy about.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sleeping Angel

Haqon accused me of dressing her up like a cartoon....but I think it's cute.  Sad I didn't get any pictures that turned out while she was awake.

She was a storm today.  Everywhere she went, she HAD to stand up.  Fall...fall...fall...fall...fall...

hmmm...that'd be funny if she didn't cry so much each time.  I was hoping she'd get scared and back down.  Nope.  It's just not in her.  Besides...there's big kids to play with.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shhhhhh - the babies are sleeping...

Truly, the twins sleep better when the house is full of running, yelling, and jumping.  

Angel thinks crawling is OK...but walking seems to be the coolest!  So, she pulls herself up to standing as often as she can.  She even found the stairs today - Yikes!  Thank goodness she didn't think to try to crawl up them.  Mom's not ready for that yet.

As for Seraph.....I'm thrilled to bits at her progress.  Just look at her color!!  She's so full of smiles.  I always forget that her heart-surgery scar is so prominent until people (usually kids) ask about it.  All I see is her smile.... :)

Delightful Finch learned to ride a tricycle today.  I put her feet on the pedals and she was off!

Strong Bear loves to crash into people on his big wheels.  I run straight at him when he's riding towards me....and so far he's always braked at the last second.  He doesn't want to hurt mommy.

Beautiful Rabbit came home from school with a big gash on her left palm.  I'm told it's a pencil wound.  I'm not sure how it happened, but she lost a good bit of skin.  We've already been through 2 bandaids.  Hopefully it'll be feeling better in the morning.  It's not that deep...just wide.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Warm Enough to Play Outside :)

It was so nice outside, we took all the kids to pick Beautiful Rabbit up from school.  She wasn't a bit surprised.  The kids went crazy on the playground.  The twins loved watching them....and then everyone took long naps when we got home.  Yay for spring :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Late Night NJ re-insertion....

I already posted this on facebook....but they're so cute I thought I'd do em twice:

Since the NJ was already out, I just had to let them play right next to each other.  Then they were so happy, I just had to have pictures!  Angel was excited that Seraph has teeth in the same place she does!  Even after Angel remembered her tummy was completely empty...and we gave her a bottle, they turned towards each other.  

Spring is here!  I can tell cuz I'm all sneezy....

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Amy tagged me! I'm supposed to:
1. Go to my documents/pictures.
2. Go to my 6th file folder.
3. Go to my 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same

Oh my!  I hope it's not a picture I've already posted.  I post so many :) Let's see.....
This was taken last October on an unusually warm day.  The twins were almost 4 months old!  We had a picnic out on the front lawn.  (Yes, I'm feeding my family bananas.  Please don't die of shock!)

Top (Left to right):  Haqon, Beautiful Rabbit, Delightful Finch, Strong Bear.
Twins:  Seraph (left) & Angel (right)

Ok, time to pick 6 lucky people to post their 6th of the 6th picture!  I pick.....Jenny, Cat, Sara, Brandi, Mamalissa, and Kelly!  Show me some cuties!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Potty Miracle

Low on diapers today...so Bear agreed to do the potty thing.  After earning 2 treats for going potty, Delightful Finch decided to have a go.  First she just put tp squares in the potty.  Then she did that again.  Then she ran in the bathroom super fast and actually peed in the potty! (her first time ever.) Bear was very proud of her (and me too!).

The dream ended when she went on the floor...twice.  Back to diapers.  but....maybe soon.  I can't even imagine Bear staying in diapers once Finch figures out the potty thing.  I have so much hope!!!

Also....Finch learned how to climb out of her crib a few days ago.....so I transitioned it to a toddler bed.  We'd lost a few screws...I ended up lashing part of it together until the parts come in.  (Thank you, girls camp!) She was a little surprised when she went to bed tonight.  Hopefully she won't fall out..hehe :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My parents are back from Hawaii!!  I don't think they missed the snow one bit. With cool cell phones, I could still talk to my mommy every day...but it was still like walking the tightrope without the safety net while she was gone.  Glad she's home :)

Rabbit had a rough day.  I don't remember life being so tough when I was in third grade.  I remember writing a poem about leprechauns...and learning cursive.

Bear played too hard yesterday.  He fell and got a goose egg.  He's alright.  It just scared his mommy for a bit.

Seraph's doing great.  She impressed her nurse with smiles, good color, lower respiration rate, lower oxygen need, proper weight gain, and just general playfulness.  She's going to see about getting a physical therapist to come in and work with her.  We want to look at neck and leg strengthening, I think. Gosh...I dunno how I'll keep her cords out of trouble when she starts crawling.

I think a skunk walked by our house just now....ewww!  gotta run and close the windows ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow Day!

My wonderful neice (Thanks Fairee Princess!) rescued me today when I suddenly realized I didn't have enough of one medicine for Seraph's 8pm meds.  It was a special medicine that required me driving around town in a snow storm to 3 different  places even though I'd already called ahead and it was supposedly in stock.

For no reason at all, I decided to leave Seraph home and take Delightful Finch instead.  Seraph's doc would've liked checking up on her weight/color/oxygen saturations.....but with all the running around and snow it would've been bad if Seraph had been with me.  Finch had a great time.  She loved the snow.  Charmed everyone she met.  Loved being out with just Mommy.  She said "Mom" every 5 seconds to talk to me or point out something cool to look at. She even made 2 new friends.

The kids adore their cousin. They're always asking me when she'll visit again.  Sexy Haqon picked up some other prescriptions on his way home and managed to be home BEFORE me...and in time to get Seraph her 6pm meds - yay.

I usually don't like driving in snow during rush hour traffic.....but today I was so busy rescuing Seraph, I didn't even notice. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


With Sister R coming over every day to watch the kids while I take Seraph to the doctor and our friends, M&V, coming over tonight (with dinner in hand! Yum!), my house has been spotless all week long!!!

...just don't go upstairs ;)

My cold is all but gone.  I think everyone else is still snotty.  I felt well enough to jump back into my wii fit playtime.  heavy on the yoga.  I don't wanna be too sore tomorrow :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday--almost made it thru another week :)

Delightful Finch:  Hi, Seraph.  Hi, Seraph.  I love you!
Strong Bear [looking at pictures on my blog]: Oh, that's Baby Angel.  I like Angel!

Finch only takes her binky out to give the twins kisses.  Talking, eating...all that can be done with the binky in!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It Still isn't Friday??

This week has been soooooo looooong!

Doc visit went well.  Her weight was steady from yesterday - yay!  (She's been retaining too much water; gaining weight too fast).  She was happy until they suctioned her.  She didn't have any nose bleeds and wasn't as stuffy as yesterday.

I snuck in a 30 minute nap this morning.  I felt great for about an hour after.  Maybe I can sneak in another.  I think we're only about half way through this cold.

Due to Seraph's increased oxygen demands, they brought us an oxygen condenser.  So, instead of all the oxygen tanks, we just turn on this loud machine that pulls oxygen out of the air for her.  It's very nice :)...and the cord is long enough that we'll be able to take her out on the front lawn once it warms up.  

Yes, Dad, it snowed today!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Stuffy Noses...

RSV shot time!  Seraph had a rough time.  First they poked her...then they suctioned her!  She was sooo mad!!  This cold is really kicking her butt.  Now that we're home, she's much happier.  And, I was able to turn her oxygen down to 1L.  Doc wants to see her every day to check on her and suction her out.  He even said to bring her again tonight if she needs it.  Hopefully she won't.

Seraph has two teeth that are trying to cut through her gums.  I didn't expect her to teeth so soon.  Her body must be doing well to start taking care of the little stuff like teeth and hair ;)

Angel fell asleep mid-crawl.  An hour later, she woke up and finished crawling the 2 inches to her toy.  I wonder if she knows she slept.

Bear and Finch played with a wooden train set today.  Trains are definitely very cool.  They built tracks everywhere!  Angel managed to find some, too.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick Recap

This past week has been crazy.  I'm sick.  My whole family is sick.  It's just a tiny cold, but it scares me because Seraph hasn't had a cold that didn't require hospitalization (and intubation...which we truly want to avoid at this point).  So far her stats have been doing OK.  I'm always suctioning her nose so she can breath.  She's on 2 L of oxygen right now.  That much air blowing up her nose makes it really dry. So, her nose bleed earlier.  ...and since she's on blood thinners, it bled for a long time.  It's hard to balance suctioning her out with not getting nose bleeds.  She's scheduled to get her RSV shot tomorrow.

Seraph has been all smiles.  I don't think she even knows she's sick.  She has a new favorite position - laying on her right side.  She plays with toys and takes naps.  Her nurse was surprised at how happy she was on the floor.  Usually kids with reflux don't like being on the floor.  

Yesterday, Seraph saw her cardiologist.  She's doing better than he expected. He doesn't need to see her 'til May.  Then they'll re-test everything and see if she's doing well enough for future surgeries. So, if I can just keep her NJ tube in her, I won't have to see the hospital for 2 months!  Yay!

Angel knows she has a cold.  She wants to be held at all times!  Also, she is definitely allergic to rice.  I'll try oatmeal in a few days.  She's getting better at crawling.

She's also tons more interactive - esp with Strong Bear and Delightful Finch.  She's all ready to join the "big" kids at tearing up the house.  

Early in the morning, when she thinks no one is listening, she wakes up and practises her letter sounds. 

A few days ago, the twins were playing on the floor together.....Angel grabbed Seraph's NJ tube and ripped it out.  I'm sure Seraph was in on it--she didn't make a peep to let us know what had happened.  Both girls were pretty proud of themselves.

Luckily Sexy Haqon was home....so we didn't have to scramble for a babysitter.  Sadly, the Floro guy who replaced it used the wrong length.  It was the last straw.  Every time I tried to do meds, Seraph would knock me and spill it.  After a few days, we went back and demanded a longer one.  

One of Haqon's friends came to stay with us a few days last week.  It was sooo fun.  Whenever he visits the kids get a notch wilder and I feel like we're all in college again.  I'm glad he was able to come.

Each time I felt like I was really pushed past my limit, someone would show up and do something nice:  a well-timed phone call, a friend dropping off dinner unexpectedly, a friend stopping by to play with the kids, IHH stopping by with a couple boxes of diapers and wipes not 2 minutes after we'd realized we were low on diapers for the twins, and an amazing neighbor who managed to not only stay sane while watching my kids...but also found time to clean my house before I got back!! Thank you for all your help and for all your prayers.  

Sexy especially has been keeping me on the good side of sanity.  Thanks, sweetie :) XOXOXXO

Ooooh, I can't remember if I already posted about this...but we got a Wii Fit.  I LOVE it.  I love it even more than I thought I would.  It's been too long since I did Yoga.  Rabbit loves the yoga, too.  Bear loves the games.  He's always asking, "Will you run with me?".  And, Yes, Juice - in the 10 days we've had it, I've only missed one day.

OK....I think that's everything!  Hope everything is going well for you.  Hope spring will hurry up and get here already ;)


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