Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hospital - Day 11 (NICU visit)

The NICU was nice. They showed me the OR where I'll be ...opened so the babies can come out. Then they pass the babies through this window--like at a drive thru--into the NICU. There was a little girl who was 3lbs 50z who was born today - at 32 weeks. She was sooo cute. It made me wish I could see my own girls. But, I'm happy to wait til they're bigger :)

I miss my family. Every time I talk to them, one of em is doing something cute. I miss being around the cuteness all the time.


angie said...

I just hopped over from the MOMO boards. I so wish I had been a blogger when I was inpatient. I had so much to write, so many things to get out, so I did it via email, and it's all lost! :) I never did visit the NICU before I had my babies. I was too nervous, but just about every neonatalogist came by my room to speak with me, so I felt very comfortable with the whole NICU idea. Being inpatient is hard, BUT, I can tell you in retrospect that as soon as you are home it all becomes a very distant memory. If you can believe it, I actually have only GOOD memories of being inpatient! Hope you have a wonderful day!

RainSplats said...

Thank you. It's very comforting to hear from gals who made it through the inpatient thing.

I try to keep a good attitude/perspective. Sometimes it's hard....and lonely.

It's good that the nurses are so friendly/chatty or I'd have gone crazy already.


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