Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hospital - Day 8

My puter had a blue screen of death yesterday! Right in the middle of a fun webcam session with my family! I think it's happy again now, but please cross your fingers for me.

My family came to visit me today. Just seeing them walk down the hallway towards me made my whole day. They were super cute from the first 'See, there's Mommy' to the last wave g'bye. I even changed Delightful Finch's Diaper. (yes, she was delightful - smiling and giggling while I pretended to eat her toes. No, it wasn't poopy.)

The twins did really well, again, on their NSTs. They have a favorite nurse. When she does my NST they stay on the monitors the whole time....or if they go off, she just has to say "come back, baby" and they do! Usually they prefer to play hide-and-seek part of the time....esp BabyA.

Sexy Haqon: Home is really different without you.
Beautiful Rabbit: Yeah! It's super clean!!

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