Monday, May 19, 2008

Hospital - Day 2

6am - I must've been asleep because a doctor came in and woke me up to introduce herself to me. I have no idea who she was or why she had to get to know me at 6am. hmmm...I never saw her again so I really hope she wasn't a figment of my imagination.

I couldn't get back to sleep so I unpacked.

8am - omelette for breakfast, yum!(once I scraped off the mushrooms. I like mushrooms...but not so early in the morning. The kids do NOT get their picky food genes from Haqon..)

For some reason, I'm not allowed to walk anywhere. So, right after breakfast the nurse brought a wheel chair and whisked me away to ultrasound. BabyA=2lbs10oz BabyB=2lbs8oz. Then I was wheeled to more monitoring and then back in time for lunch.

I snuck in a nap, but it looks like my days have been all planned out for me. Much better than just sitting around, I think.

Everyone who walks into my room comments on the cute pictures of my kids. I really wish I'd brought a picture of Sexy Haqon, too. I had one, but I must've left it on the piano. /sniff sniff.

They jabbed my hip with another steroid shot - to help the twin's lungs develop. I think it'll be the last one. There's another gal with twins that's 30 weeks along, but they're not momo twins. I better get some sleep before they check my vitals at 3am ;)

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Safire said...

Yay you're online! I've been looking for you so we can chat. Sounds like you are doing okay. I would take the ambian because it might help you get used to the bed. And as you get bigger it hurts to sleep and ambian helps!


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