Kindergarten Prep

My little man is old enough to go to kindergarten this Fall.  (!!!!!)

The day before my first day of kindergarten, my loving father walked me to school.  At the bottom of our street, he pointed to the top of a chain-link-fence post.  "Be careful," he said, "this could poke your eye as you turn the corner."  

The offending part was a full foot above my head.  When I pointed that out, he told me to watch out for it when I got taller. I remember thinking two things that day:
  • "There's nothing to be afraid of on my walk to school or Dad would've pointed it out instead of the fence that can't even hurt me yet."
  • "My dad really, really loves me."
I don't have many memories before that day.  I remember kindergarten.  Therefore, my boy is almost old enough to be keeping lots of memories.  That's scary!  Sexy Haqon fondly remembers his mom walking him to school.  Will my boy have fond memories? Has he had enough social experience to pull his own in the social scene? How will he react to a new authority figure?

My boy and I attended the kindergarten orientation meeting last month.  They've already given me homework! This is what we're doing to get him (and me) ready for next fall:


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