Monday, May 19, 2008


Strong Bear turned 3 on Sunday. I'm terribly biased, but I've never seen such a cute mix of troublemaker/hugs/sweetness/playing rough. He's such a good kid and I miss him like crazy!

Back to his birthday....

Sexy Haqon protected me by not letting me plan a big birthday party. Instead, I thought of an idea - a scavenger hunt based on Diego/Dora cartoons Bear likes. I gave my idea to Beautiful Rabbit and she did an absolutely fantastic job pulling it off. She made the map and kept the game going through all of the stops on the map until we finally found the present that Swiper had swiped!

It was soooo fun. Sexy Haqon got to play a grumpy, old troll on the bridge over the lake. I got to be Mama Jaguar (which was just a lot of walking.) We topped off the party with presents and cake. Fun Fun!

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Safire said...

Happy birthday Strong Bear!


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