Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Beautiful Rabbit thinks Finch looks like an angel - she just needs wings!  I thought Finch looked like a sorceress.  Really she's a ghost.  But she just needs a bit of flour to finish getting ready.  Delightful Finch was having sooo much fun throwing flour that it was hard to pull her away for trick-or-treating.

Dad:  OK, pick out 3 pieces of candy to eat tonight....
Mom: Eat as much candy as you want!

Who do you think they listened to?...hahahahaha
(Mom thinks if we just let them eat it, we'll only have to deal with candy this weenend instead of for months and months.)

We had TONS and TONS of kids come this year.  The costumes were great....and 1/3 of the adults were dressed up, too.  Darth Vadar  and Frankinstein scared Finch.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You know your kids are listening when....

Delightful Finch:  Pbbbbbbbbbt!!
Mom: Hey! Don't spit.
Strong Bear: If you don't stop spitting, I'm a put you in TIME OUT!
Delightful Finch: 3...2...1...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Delightful Finch's Doll

Finch loves her baby sisters.  Lately she gives them tons of kisses.  She likes to feed them and is always trying to put binkies in their mouths (usually upside down!)

I think she'd like a real doll, but these wiggly dolls are much more fun!!

(Finch feeding Angel)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 30 - surgery

Seraph has a preliminary surgery on October 30th.  They'll make a small incision and go in to test the pressures in her heart to make sure she's OK for her next open heart surgery (Nov 11th.)

After her Nov 11th surgery, she shouldn't need another surgery for several years.  Yay!

Monday, October 20, 2008

one more picture

The twins :)


Delightful Finch running through the neighborhood.

Strong Bear came over and said, "This is Baby Angel, and this is Baby Angel."  I guess he didn't recognize Seraph without her cannula.  (Seraph is NOT off her oxygen, she just had a short break for pictures.)

Haqon was out on the lawn.  I brought him Baby Seraph first, but didn't tell him I'd taken her cannula off.  When I came back with Baby Angel, he said, "Hey, you tricked me!"  He didn't notice it wasn't Angel until he gave her a kiss on her cheek and then he figured it out.  It's much easier to trick people when the twins aren't together.  Everyone relies on Seraph's tubes too much to figure out it's her.

Beautiful Rabbit and Delightful Finch LOVED having the twins outside for our picnic.  Great idea, Sexy Hakon :)


Friday, October 17, 2008

Beautiful Rabbit

Beautiful Rabbit:  Mom, I'm itchy all over!
Mom: What happened?
Beautiful Rabbit: Promise you won't get mad?
Mom: Tell me.
Beautiful Rabbit:  Ya know that cubby hole in the basement?
Mom: The one half way up the wall that Bear and Finch haven't figured out about yet?
Beautiful Rabbit: kinda make a really cool slide....
Mom: /sigh

Strong Bear

[bam bam bam!]
Mom:  BEAR!!!  Don't hit the glass!!!!
Strong Bear:  I'm not!  I'm hitting the window!

The Adventures of P&J: episode 109 with special gueststar, SuperSister!

 Strong Bear:  Mommy, Mommy.....!
Mom:  I'm upstairs!
Strong Bear:  Delightful Finch made a HUGE mess!  Water all over!
Mom: Did Beautiful Rabbit (SuperSister!!) send you to get me?
SB: Ya
Mom: OK, tell her I'll be right down.
Beautiful Rabbit [holding a plunger]:  Bear, leave Mom alone.
Mom:  um....what's with the plunger?

note to Sexy Haqon:

Dear Sexy,

After careful consideration, it has been decided that diaper wipes will NO LONGER be kept on the back of the downstairs toilet.  Their close proximity is convenient for the occasional Strong Bear #2.  However, that same proximity has also been found to prompt the stickier members of our family to participate in shallow-water flow studies that may be incongruent with the mental and physical health of other members of said family.  With this in mind, please note the new location of said diaper wipes will be in the pantry until such time when we can mount them to the ceiling to protect them from unwanted usage.



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sore throat of doom part 2

yeah...we're all sick - even the twins.

The sore throat of doom

Strong Bear caught a cold :(

I'm keeping the twins in my bedroom all the time in hopes that they won't get it.  Haqon got it yesterday...and I think Finch has it, too...though not as bad as Bear's.  Bear seems to be feeling better - his throat doesn't seem to be bothering him, but he's got a constant stream of snot.

I'm feeling more congested.  Rabbit seems OK as long as you don't ask her if her throat is sore.  (She's very prone to suggestion.) I think I might wake up with a sore throat tomorrow.  Angel sneezed tonight...but I hope it was just a sneeze.

If Seraph catches it.......she's still working on recovering from that diaper rash.  I think a cold could send her back to the hospital.  We don't want that to happen...esp so close to her next surgery.  I hope this thing passes quickly.

I haven't even thought about Halloween.....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Adventures of P&J: episode 107

Strong Bear's recipe for Spagetti Sandals:
1. Let your parents watch a movie in the greatroom with the lights dimmed.
2. mosey on in to the kitchen-side of the room with Delightful Finch
3. Be extra quiet....anytime your parents look at you, be at the counter quietly eating dinner and sharing it with Delightful Finch.  This will give your parents a false sense of peace.  They'll be happy that you're eating and happy that you're sharing.
4. Any time your parents AREN'T looking, fling spagetti on the floor.
5. Once the floor is sufficiently thick with spagetti (or if you run out or ammo), walk around on the floor letting the spagetti stick to your feet until you have 1/2-3/4 inch of pasta on your feet.


Yes, we have a shop vac.  How did you know?  Our favorite clean-up tool is a long dust mop that you can use to sweep when it's dry and then mop when you spray cleaner on the floor.  It works really well on baby food powder.

We finally finished cleaning the basement.  It's cleaner than it's ever been!  We ended up moving all the spare house stuff - tiles/carpet/grout powder under the stairs....and then we boarded it off.  I guess we can yank off the boards if we really need to use it.  For now, it should be safe.  Right?....

The Adventures of P&J: episode 108

No, I'm not ignoring your calls... P&J were playing in the water at the sink....when Finch decided that my phone desperately needed a bath. And, yes, it was very pretty under the water.

For future reference:  if your cell phone ever gets dunked in water
1.grab it and immediately TAKE OUT THE BATTERY
2.dry it out the best you can
3. let it sit for 3 days
4. pray it still works

some people say you should pack the battery in rice over night....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beautiful Rabbit

Beautiful Rabbit:  Wouldn't it be cool if there was like a thing in the floor that you could just sweep all the garbage and dirt into....I think I'd put it in the kitchen.

Mom:  Ya!  and it could have a button you'd push to empty it.

BR:  No, you'd have to pick it up and take it out and empty it.  I'm not going to invent something that makes it so you just have to sweep and push a button!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Adventures of P&J: episode 106

Strong Bear climbed on the back of Haqon's chair and gave him a HUGE hug around his neck.  Delightful Finch walked over to Mommy and said, "HI!!"

but wait...something's different.  Finch seems to be the wrong color from head to toe!  P&J had found a bag of grout powder (cement + sand) downstairs.  The grout is ALL over the basement....and ALL over P&J.

It took 2 baths to get all the grout powder out of their hair.

We moved the couch to block off the door to the basement until we figure out how to clean up the grout powder.  It is everywhere!  brooms and vacuums kick fine dust into the air.  The basement wasn't clean to begin with - the kids unpacked the 3 HUGE toy boxes and scattered them all over months ago.  I'd just started to organize things.....

The next morning, there was a flier on our door:  "We finish basements or partially finish basements".  A sign from heaven?  maybe.  We're thinking of putting in a couple of closets to seal off the water heater/etc.

On the plus side, I think Delightful Finch has shown me what she wants to be for Halloween--a ghost!  I'll take her outside and give her a bag of flour to play with.  What could go wrong!!! :P

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ode to Oblivion by Strong Bear

"Daddy sees the bad guy,
and Daddy isn't dead,
and the bad guy is dead."
Oblivion is a computer game that the kids like to watch Dad play.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Adventures of P&J: Episode 105

In today's episode, Peanut butter and Jelly remove all those silly rocks and trinkets and glass shelves from the display case to show us what it's really for!  

Thanks, Sweeties!

Strong Bear

We were cleaning up water under strong bear's chair.

Strong Bear:  Oh, there's a ball [marble] in the pee!
Mom: !!! Did you pee on the floor?
Strong Bear: No!!  I peed on my chair :)

Favorite talk from conference

"In the midst of winter, you will find an invincible summer."
-President Uchtdorf on Hope


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