Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hospital - Day 3

Good news! 6am doctor isn't a figment. She came again today and I asked one of the other patients who said that she was visited, too :)

I slept really well last night. They drag me around to so many tests that I'm exhausted by the end of the day. I wonder if I could get the nurses to check my blood pressure/temp without waking me up at the 3am session. I guess the blood pressure cup would either wake me up or give me scary dreams.

They woke me up this morning at 7:30am so I'd be able to eat before my first Non Stress Test (NST) -- that's no stress on the babies...mommy's still allowed to get a lil stressed. The twins passed all their tests today beautifully.

The doctors changed my orders so I am allowed to walk around the hospital now. (The wheel chairs are nice sometimes...but it's weird to not be able to walk when I'm perfectly capable of walking....if slowly.)

The twins had another echocardiogram today. They wanted to make sure everything was the same - no more new complications or worries. Everything went as expected. I was supposed to tour the nicu before I came back, but I had to get back for another NST before that department closed.

The NSTs measure the twins' heart rates. When they're sleeping the heart rate is at rest. When they're moving their heart rate goes up. (Just like your heart rate goes up when you exercise.) So, we monitor their heart rates without giving them any stimulation. They're supposed to have 2 accelerations in 20 minutes time.

We monitor the twins for an hour. They're having about 20 accelerations (each) in an hour. They only need 6, so they're doing really well. They also look for decels. The twins have 1 or 2 decels, but they always pop right back up...so that's ok. If they didn't pop right back up, I'd be rushed to the OR and have 2 new, but very tiny, babies.

I've been having lots of contractions...but they don't hurt at all and they're irregular. Most the time I can't tell if it's a contraction or a baby poking at me. It's pretty normal when you're carrying twins.

Thanks to the nutrition center, I'm eating my meals on time. They even bring up food after hours if you call them. They make an amazing fruit platter that I love.

I just chatted with Beautiful Rabbit on the phone for 40 minutes before Sexy Haqon came in to say it was time to go home. She immediately complained: "but..I'm talking to Mom and we JUST BARELY started talking!!" hehe. I love her. It was really fun to talk to her. :)

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