Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Girl

Angel & Seraph
For a long time now, I've felt like Seraph understands what's going on around her even though she doesn't communicate much.  Lately she's starting to really show that she understands!
When we came home Friday, I ran upstairs to turn off the beeping on her feeding pump.  She immediately burst into tears when I left the room.  (like babies do when they see mom leaving). When I came back, I learned it wasn't me she was missing at all!  On the way home, I'd told the girls we could watch Dora when we got home.  Then, I'd run upstairs before turning on Dora!!  Naughty mommy!  Seraph pointed at the TV and said, "Dora, Dora!!"
Good girl!

We've been sick a lot this month.  I've kept Seraph home for preschool for the last 3 weeks.  Today, as I was helping her get dressed, I told her that she would be going to school today.  After we came downstairs, she started talking about her shoes.  I left to grab a brush....and when I came back she was holding her backpack and pointed out the window and said, "bus!" The bus wasn't here yet, but she knew it would be coming for her :)
Good girl!

She's been letting me snuggle with her lately. Yay :)
Last night she practiced falling (onto the bed) and letting me comfort her.  We played this game over and over. She'd fall.  I'd ask if she was OK or if she bonked her head or if she needed a kiss or if she needed help getting up.  She led me through lots of scenarios.  This is one of my favorite games because....this morning when she really did fall down, I knew exactly what to say.  and she was immediately comforted and went on her way as if nothing had happened.
Good Mommy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Can Do it Myself: the MakeUp Edition

The girls like to get into my makeup.  It's a nightmare.  They smear it all over the cabinets, floor, bed.  They mix, dig-out, and dump out everything.  So....we made a deal.  When they want to play with my makeup, they come tell me.  Then I get to help them.  Then it's not so destructive.  So, don't tell Dad, but here's my pretty girls:
Finch applying her eye shadow

Seraph loved the blush best

Angel wanted blue!

she did pretty good for no help.
Her blush was a little low

Finch helped Seraph
and liked the colors

This gives me hope that I'll
be able to do all the girls' hair
before school each morning


Seraph kisses!

Angel kisses
I love this picture!


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