Friday, July 30, 2010

Bear - Kindergarten - Peanut Allergy

Mom: How do you like your new kindergarten teacher?
Strong Bear: She's perfect!
I agree.  Her teaching philosophies match mine perfectly.  She even said only 10 minutes of homework and then stop!  I love her already :)
More forms for his peanut allergy.  There's another child in her other class who has a peanut allergy, too. On the advice of a friend, we picked up a bunch of peanut-free candy for his treat box.  Whenever someone in the class brings in a treat, if we can't verify that it's COMPLETELY peanut free, he'll have one of his treats instead. With peanuts, even trace amounts can cause a life-threatening reaction--like if it's made in the same factory that peanuts are processed in. Scary!
I can just see him asking the teacher every hour for some of "his candy".  I hope he understands that he only gets candy when the whole class gets candy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Joys of Having Twins

  1. Double the birthday cakes! All the sources say that separate cakes for the twins is a MUST!  I don't think the girls cared at all.  Angel slept through her birthday party and Seraph doesn't eat.  She especially doesn't eat anything that's sweet.  She pulled the most awful face when I shoved a taste of cake into her mouth.....(she loved the birthday song, though)

2. Buying Diapers in Bulk. I never run out of diapers. Seriously, we're in size 4 on autoship from  Angel is just a little bigger than Seraph, so she'll switch to size 5 before Seraph.  It's perfect, diaper-wise.
3. When one cries, they both cry. It's cute when big sister takes extra care of little sister.  It's beyond cute when the big sister is only 30 seconds older than the littler sister.
4. Some seriously cute clothes for two little girls! I hate spending money on clothes...but seeing my girls in matching or identical sets of clothes definitely loosens the purse strings.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Final Frontier

Dad: Back off.  Everyone go downstairs.  Go play downstairs.  I need some space.  Go play downstairs.
Mom: Get down.  Mommy needs space.  NO, not on my lap. Get down, sweetie.  Sorry, but mommy needs space. Get down!
Rabbit: Mom, can I go take a shower? I need space
Bear: [pushes out both hands knocking Angel over] I NEED SPACE!!
Mom: why is Angel crying?
Bear: She needed to move.  I need my space.
Finch: [jumping, spinning, and giggling]: I need space, hehehe....I need space, space spaaaaaaace!
Angel: [all alone at the top of the stairs first thing in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping]: I NEED SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!! MOM, I NEED SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!
Seraph: [looks around the room and then climbs down the stairs to play by herself in the playroom for while.]

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paul Cardall's Piano Improv - Summer's Song

I had an amazing experience.  I was at a Paul Cardall concert when he asked for a volunteer from the audience.  My hand shot up fast and tall!  He asked me to randomly pick 3 notes on the piano.  Then he made up a song on the piano based on the notes I picked.  He dedicated the song to my youngest twin (who has a congenital heart defect).  I added the pictures of the twins from birth to age 2.  

Paul Cardall is a congenital heart defect survivor and awareness advocate.  Seraph was in the ICU at the same time he was there before his heart transplant. I own 2 of his CDs--LOVE his piano skills.  He has a memoir coming out in September 2010 - Before my Heart Stops.

The gal sitting next to me at the concert loaned me her camera so I could capture the song.  I'm thrilled to have it :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Mom: Will you please help Angel?  I need to finish making lunch.
Helper: OK.  Come here, Angel.  Do you need a binky?  a blanket? a hug? a banana?
Angel: No no NOOOO!!  I need a MOMMY!


Bear, Finch, and Angel are all on antibiotics for a strep rash on their skin. Seraph does NOT have it.  She's on a low dose of amoxicillin all the time because of her spleen.  So, she fought it off before she had symptoms.

I'd like to believe this will teach them to NOT share binkies/cups/food....but that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Carpet!

Seraph played in the basement today!  She never gets to go down there because it's such an unfinished mess....except now it's not.  They put in the carpet today - wonderful, fantastic, thick carpet.  It's amazing down there - no one wants to come back up.  

Seraph navigated the stairs like a pro.  We still need to put the doors back on the closets, but other than that it's all done.  Oh, no furnishings of any kind....but how much furniture do you really need in a playroom??

Tonight I'm working on birthday presents.  The twins already had their birthday...but we're celebrating it this weekend.  I found the funnest presents - a play kitchen (thanks to my momo friends for the idea) and  talking teddy-bears.  I've been programing the bears...and I think they're good to go :) (er...they're actually puppies...from later)

man...i just can't keep a secret.  Don't tell Seraph and Angel! Shhhhhhhh. :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Sexy Haqon took the big kids out on the Lake while I pulled the twins around the shore.  Angel fell asleep first.  Seraph wouldn't lean back.  She fell asleep sitting upright with her arms on the arm rests.  She was getting bounced around a TON but wouldn't relax.  I think she snoozed alot...and then finally fell to one side which woke her up.  I thought we'd have to go home but both twins woke up happy.

After we went for ice cream...but it was closed so we played in the splash park instead.  Later we had smores!


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