Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Strong Bear: [to Angel] You're small
Strong Bear: [to Finch] You're medium
Strong Bear: and I'm BIG!!
Strong Bear: and Mom, you are humongous!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My lil Vampyre

Last night Seraph slipped and hit her lip on the bookcase.  It bled like crazy!! (She takes a blood thinner).  She looked all Halloweeny - it was spooky!  I was really freaked out -- wondering if we needed to take her to the hospital.  But...daddy said she'd be fine and a few mommy hugs later she ran off to play.  Today she was hamming it up for the camera again.
She likes to bolt for the door whenever anyone opens it.  She grabs handfuls of lavender and breaks them off and then plays with them like magic wands. Outside is way more fun than inside, even if it's a bit chilly.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finch Earns a Puppy

 There comes a time when you're willing to stand on your head while singing Elmo's song while juggling a ball with your toes rather than keep changing diapers.  Delightful Finch required just the right set of circumstances, but she is basically potty trained now!
I invite Angel to go potty all the time....and she tries, but nothing ever comes out......until today!  It finally clicked and she just got it.  Sexy Haqon agreed to take care of Seraph's meds/feeds/diapers/etc as well as feeding the kids and keeping the kids from getting bored so I could follow Angel around all day helping her learn this potty thing.
I'm happy with her progress.  At first she was surprised by ummm..puddles...but now she can hold it in for almost an hour before needing to go potty.  Soon, I'll be able to get Finch and Angel on the same potty schedule...and that'll be perfect.
Then I'll only have one in diapers!  I can sooooo handle just one in diapers.  Sooooo much nicer than 4 in diapers.  AEEEEEEE!!! Thank heavens they grow out of that stage :)

I'm lucky my lil Angel is such a good copy cat.  Way to go, lil roo.  xoxo
Mom: Finch has been really awesome at this potty thing, so I'm gonna go ahead and get her a puppy.
Dad:[omg, are you crazy!!!] uhhhhh - don't you think we should talk about this first?
Mom: why?
Dad: ......
Mom: oooooh, not a real puppy, sweetie, of those Leapfrog Puppies that says, "I love you, Finch" and sings her songs like Angel's and Seraph's.
Dad: Whew!


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