Friday, June 20, 2008

Hospital - Day 34

Only 6 days to go!

I'm glad Beautiful Rabbit is coming to sleep over Saturday night. We need each other. I think my family is pretty much crazy from Mom being gone so long. It'll be nice to go home and the end is in sight! I hope and pray my family can hold out til then ;)

I'm 1/3 the way finished with baby-blanket-#2. I better step up the pace.

So if you have to have a c-section, try to get it scheduled for early morning. Mine isn't til almost noon...and I can't eat anything after midnight the night before. ...not even water or ice chips.

>cultural experience (that dance crew show).
Ok, last week we learned: bad="that was whack"
this week we learned: good="that was sick" and "you freaked the audience"
try to keep it straight ;)

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