Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hospital - Day 29

Happy Fathers' Day!!

My Beautiful Rabbit brought 5 special rocks with her this weekend. She told me what she liked about each one and showed me how some of them look different when they're wet. Just before she left, she let me pick one to keep to remind me of her.

I choose this one. I like the way it fits in my hand. When I hold it, I think of Beautiful Rabbit and how much she loves me. It's like having a hug and a kiss I can keep close to me forever. I like the weight and the smoothness. When I start to feel sad or alone, I just hold or squeeze it and I start to feel loved and all better. Thank you, sweet girl :)

Today was my favorite visit so far. No poopies to make my family need to leave early.... Even though we stayed in my room, the kids stayed out of trouble, mostly shared, and actually let me have some adult conversations with Sexy Haqon. It's nice to talk about stuff other than diapers and snacktime once in a while....

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