Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hospital - Day 28

My family came to visit me today - yay!! I cried when they left.....big, body shaking tears. I blame hormones. It was goofy since Rabbit is staying over night...and the family will be back tomorrow.

Beautiful Rabbit held me and hugged me and comforted me. She said wonderful things like "it's ok" "I'm still here" "they'll be back soon" "We love you".....I should've been comforting her! She did an excellent job. (She'd say it's because she has empathy - which she's not fond of because she doesn't like feeling other people's sadness)

The tears soon dried and we spent wonderful hours together. My energy level was low, so we ended up mostly talking and playing word games in my room. I adore her! I hope we can continue to have "sleepovers" after I come home. Sexy Haqon left us with a bucket from KFC. Yum!

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Safire said...

Keep hanging in there! You're almost there!!


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