Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hospital - Day 25

I like Wednesdays because my perinatalogist works in other clinics on Mondays and Tuesdays. Other docs from his office take care of me while he's gone, but I save all my really good questions for Wednesdays. Today I fell asleep waiting for him to stop in. So, when he came, I was zonked. He knows how often my sleep gets he decided to just come back later. I was impatient waiting for him to come back after his clinic hours....As always, he answered all my questions and reassured me that everything is going well.

Everything is going well.

I managed to sneak in a shower right before my night-time NST. I have a chair in the shower to help me not pass out while I'm showering. It's nice to feel all clean. ....even if they had to put gel on my tummy 20 minutes later for my NST.

Everything feels kinda blah lately. It's not that I'm depressed as much as it's just hard to find things to be happy about. I guess my hospital room is bigger than my college dorm rooms....but the dorm was (of course) way more fun....and not so lonely....and I could leave every day. I guess that's the part that makes it feel less like a home and more like a prison....esp when my family is walking towards the elevators after a visit and I have to waddle back to my room.


Safire said...

Hang in there! Only a few more days left and then you'll be following your family down those elevators.

Amy said...

Too bad your hospital room doesn't have a funny roommate with all sorts of social hang-ups and "issues" that you can stay up way late and talk to, right?

(Yes, I'm talking about me.)

RainSplats said...

it's funner to stay up all night talking than being pregnant or caring for a newborn....
ahhh...the good old days when all we had to worry about was finals and coming up with new puns to "kill" Sexy Haqon......


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