Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hospital - Day 24

I took an Ambien last night to help me sleep. I slept great, but woke up with a terrible headache. It got worse and worse--napping didn't even help. I finally asked for some Tylenol.

Now you'd think Tylenol would be pretty easy to get in a hospital. ..and you'd be mistaken! Apparently, a headache is one of the early signs of preeclamsia. (Which I do NOT have, thankfully). Still, everyone was very cautious. They did various tests including blood pressure - normal, and checking for swelling - normal. They looked closely at the twin's last 3 NSTs - which were pretty much ideal. Finally they decided it was just a headache and OK'd the Tylenol. About an hour after I asked, they let me have some Tylenol. (pretty fast, really....just not as fast as I am at home ;))

Another nap and 2 hours later, the headache was worse! more tests...they gave me something a little stronger. They decided I had a tension headache (what me stressed??)....the new medicine had something in it that opens your blood vessels which helps your muscles relax. Thankfully this medicine completely stomped out my headache - yay :)

The next set of tests were going to be more invasive - drawing blood and checking my cervix. So, I'm even more happy that my headache is gone. I think I'm done with Ambien....(though it probably didn't actually cause my headache.) I'm tired enough all the time anyway, I shouldn't really need a sleep aide. I only asked for it because I had so much on my mind I didn't think I'd be able to sleep. (thus the tension headache....??)

Anyway, at some point during all this Sexy Haqon found out I was having a rough day. He immediately arranged things so he could drop by after work because he's just sweet like that. It really helped to have him here. I think that we were just NOT meant to be apart like this. It was nice to be with him and get lots of hugs. I love you, Boy :)


Jocasta said...

here in nz it's the only thing they hand out. I'm convinced that our hospital has a huge room in the middle only stacked with that!

You are doing so well to be so positive. I was so beside myself by this time and you do have far more to worry about. Good luck.

Safire said...

Looks like things are going well! And as for the weights, great job! My boys' weights were about half a pound off (bigger) so your girls are going to be a great size. Hope you're getting some good sleep...enjoy it while you can. ;)


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