Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hospital - Day 32

My favorite NST gal went on vacation today. awwww man! She went to play in San Fran and won't be back until after I deliver.

The twins, taking pity on the substitute, have been angels for their NSTs. I'm back to sitting up during the test - yay!

My night time NST was late. I guess for some reason my test was lower priority than several moms on the floor who were bleeding :P. I guess I can see that. I wish they'd had time (5 minutes) to start the test cuz I can usually do all the needed adjustments myself. They got really busy after they put me on and didn't have time to take me off until midnight. (30 minutes longer than I needed to be on.) But again, the twins were very nice during the test and passed beautifully.

Whenever they're late starting my test, I'm always tempted to do it myself. The machine is just sitting there in my room...and I've seen it done about 100 times--often helping them find the babies. I haven't tried it yet. I don't know if they'd be relieved or upset....hehe

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