Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hospital - Day 15

Beautiful Rabbit and I used to have tea parties together....with herbal tea and tiny sandwiches and fancy cookies. I miss those tea parties. Happily, we were able to spend lots of time together this weekend. She quickly learned that it's way too easy to trick Mommy right now. She decided this is because I've given half of my brain to the twins so they'll be really smart. I miss her. She's sweet and smart and loving - she makes me happy just by being by me.

I'm happy that it's June. June 26th is the birthday we're going for with the twins. That puts them right at 34 weeks. After that the risks are too high to keep them in. Please keep praying for us :)

I'm grateful for the fan my HCA brought me today. It was sooooooo hot today I couldn't keep my eyes open. Yes, they have a/ was just struggling today. Also, I'm used to 68 degrees at night...and they like to have it around 72 degrees at night.

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