Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hospital - Day 26

About this time each week, I start longing for the weekend....when Strong Bear and Delightful Finch will start searching my room for hidden (and not so hidden) snacks and drinks. Cereal, cookies, rolls, fruit, and esp drinks.

When they come at dinner time, they end up eating half my dinner despite having their own sacks from Wendy's. I can't bring myself to say no. I think they feel it's important to share mommy's food. and I can always grab cereal from the kitchen if I'm still hungry after dinner.

My nurse switched out Beautiful Rabbit's cot for me. The old one was really old and had to be uncomfortable to sleep on. This one has a new mattress that should be a lot better. Rabbit stayed home from school sick today. Her tummy seems to have settled, and I'm pretty sure she'll still be able to stay over Saturday night. Whew! I really look forward to having her over. It makes my weekends so much nicer (and faster).

The day I left for the hospital, Beautiful Rabbit kept giving me more and more hugs and didn't want me to go. I told her that when I came home, the twins would be born...and wouldn't be in my tummy any more. She let go of me so she could jump up and down and squeal. I am excited to see the twins....but I'm just as excited to tell my family, "Mommy's coming home with you!".

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jenfarmgirl said...

I'm still amazed at how much D.F. looks like Evelyn! did we manage to have the same kind of twins and babies that look alike?? Hang in there, I'm proud of you.


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