Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hospital - Day 31

I spent most my morning recovering from last night. They were a nurse short last night. They weren't able to start my 3rd NST until 10:15pm! (They're supposed to start it by 9pm) BabyA is in a really weird position - it's hard to keep her on the monitors and get a good strip. Usually my NST lasts an hour, but last night they had to keep me on for 2 hours because they were too busy to sit in my room and hold the monitor on BabyA for the whole hour PLUS she was moving all over the place. It was 12:30am before they finished the test. The strip was really patchy and full of question marks (it prints ???'s when it thinks both monitors are picking up the same baby.)

For both the NSTs today, they had me laying down instead of sitting up. They put all sorts of pillows under and around me to make sure I wasn't laying flat on my back (bad for blood circulation to the babies). I felt like one of those really, really, really fat people who can't sit up in bed without the help of a crane. It was also harder to breath-I guess the girls were squishing my diaphram.

But all the uncomfortableness paid off - both girls were well behaved for the NSTs. They had great accelerations and no decels - yay :)

9 days left.....

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