Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oooo ooo ooooooo, Baby baby

After a quick surgery, out comes Baby A and a minute later, Baby B. Both pinked up quickly and are doing well. They weigh 4lbs13oz and 4lbs7oz, respectively. Mother is doing well too and sleeping while her devoted husband craftily hacks her account and leaves a message for you!

Even more wise and clever - he begins a competition to select internet names for his Geminic Daughters. From the names below, choose how these girls will be known across the Virtual Multiverse. Be quick, for when Mother awakes, I suspect we must have completed our contest!

Thing One and Thing Two

The Twin Blades of Destiny

Silent E and Implied Subject

Glorious Dread Spawn of Haqon

Humming Bird and Flying Butter

Tiny Pigeon and the Stowaway

These names have been selected by a rigorous process designed to select only the best possible names considering all known factors and permutations. Accordingly, it is mathematically impossible for Mother to come up with better names than those listed. Thus, you can feel confident that by voting you are helping her despite anything she later posts to the contrary.

Thanks to everybody for being so helpful and supportive. We love you.



Safire said...

humming bird and flying butter (although i think it should be flying dragon :) ) congrats again!

Amy said...

Oh, I agree with Safire. How great to have a butterfly and a hummingbird! That's what their heartbeats have been sounding like, I'm sure. Congratulations!!!!!!! I've been thinking about you guys all week and have been checking the blog every few hours for updates. Thanks for posting, Haqon :) (Can I SMOTHER you with good wishes for old times' sake?)

Elden said...

What, no pictures? Congratulations anyway. As for names, butterfly and hummingbird work well. I was thinking of something more like Starlight and Starbright, but then, what do I know.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Thing One and Thing Two. We thought about using that, but the Pirate and the Professor had already been selected as screen names before we even found out we were having both the boys at the same time.

That said, I kind of like Starlight and Starbright, but hey, what do I know. I have swords named, Toothpick, Sunshine, Moonshine, and Crystal and a dagger named Moonbeam (although Butterfy thinks it belongs to her).


Safire said...

K, Juice and I were thinking about you and your names this morning and we came up with a few more:

Duck Duck and Goose

Squirrel and Chipmunk (particularly if one has cheeks for it)

Deer and Moose (to go with your woodland creatures theme already)

I'd have to vote against Butterfly just because I have one...

I do like Starlight and Starbright. Very cute.

Michael Atkinson said...

Glorious Dread Spawn of Haqon - duh

Fairee Princess said...

Beautiful Rabbit and Fairee Princess vote for Hummingbird and Flying butter. Strong bear and Delightful Finch are cute! :) We are excited to meet the twins....whatever you decide to blog name them!

Emily M. said...

I really like Silent E and the Implied Subject. But that's just me. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Calvin said...

Calviothebald votes for Humming Bird and Whistling Dixie.

Paige said...

I vote for Singing Swallow and Flutterby. Love the pictures.

Haqon said...

Safire - sorry for copying you on the Flying Butter - I chalk that up to trying to be clever while sleep deprived. Either that or we are just doomed to copy you guys in everything!


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