Friday, February 29, 2008

Girl's Night In....(choices)

Delightful Finch and I discovered a new game! Laying on the floor, I try to steal her binky. Once I have it, I put the back end in my mouth. When she comes for the binky, I raise my tickle finger up in the air and start to chase her with it. Delightful Finch has to either run away or get tickled!

She runs away by falling to the floor and then rolling away from me. (She could just run away, but rolling must be funner). If she gets out of my reach in time, then I don't get to tickle her. ...but she really wants her binky.

At first she'd come in fast and try to pick up the binky with her mouth. Then she knocked me so hard I thought she'd chipped my tooth. I thought she'd want to quit after that, but instead she just grabs the binky with her hand now. She's getting quicker and braver.

If Mom takes too long to steal her binky, Delightful Finch takes it out of her mouth and hands it to me.



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