Sunday, February 3, 2008

say 'hi'

A year ago, we were living in a one bedroom house. Beautiful Rabbit can't imagine sharing a room with her brother and her sister AND twins. Everyone agrees it was good we moved.

Each of the kids says hi to the twins in their own way. Beautiful Rabbit kisses each side of my tummy. Delightful Finch pats my tummy (not gently, but it doesn't hurt). Strong Bear kicks my tummy! "Don't kick the babies," I say. He's not fooled. "You're not baby, you're Mommy." Haqon puts his hand on my tummy - ready to pull it off if he thinks the baby might kick him. He's still jumpy about feeling baby kicks. Beautiful Rabbit scared him by kicking his butt before she was born. Haqon jumped off the bed and said, "There's something in there!"

I still think we're going to have boys. We'll find out on Feb 29th - my next appt w/ Dr Obgyn.

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