Friday, February 1, 2008

Girls Night In

Every Friday night, Haqon takes Beautiful Rabbit and Strong Bear over to a friend's house to play games. This leaves me home alone with Delightful Finch. I'm thrilled that she gets some mommy time all to herself. (Usually Strong Bear hoards my attention. I can't really blame him - they're only 18 months apart.)

Finch goes to bed without a fuss a few hours later. Then I have the rest of the night to myself. My only rule is that I can't do any cleaning/housework. If Haqon's out playing, I'm gonna play too!

I haven't been able to sleep in past Haqon's alarm clock (7am!) since my obgyn appointment. There's too many things to plan out and my poor pregnant brain can't let stuff go. Can you imagine nesting for two??

Finch hardly seems old enough to be a big sister. She'll be 19 months old when the babies are born. She's only 18 months younger than Strong Bear. Did I mention that we're not having more kids after this. We planned to stop at four, but I guess Someone had other plans for us.

Tonight Finch and I are going to dance til it hurts to giggle and then watch Dr. Who episodes til she falls asleep. Her favorite words are: "ya!", "salta"(jump in spanish - thx, Diego), and "da da".


Safire said...

Yeah, nesting for 2...still haven't hit that yet. :)

Amy said...

OOh ooh, which Dr. Who episodes? We've just gotten into the new series, with the actor David Egglestein playing the doctor, and a character named Rose Tyler. We really like them.

"Finch" is adorable, by the way! I'd sure like to eventually meet her and "Strong Bear," since I don't think I have yet.


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