Friday, February 8, 2008

The best laid plans...

We bought a crib. First I spent 3 days looking at every possible crib. Then I searched for better deals on the cribs I liked. Then I double checked used and freebie sites. I was just trying to be frugal - twins can be expensive! Haqon thinks I'm bordering on OCD, but one look at my 'comfortably lived in' home proves I don't have OCD.

No, the crib isn't for the twins - it's for delightful Finch. She's been sleeping in a playpen her whole life. (Strong Bear preferred sleeping in the playpen, too.) I love the playpen, but I'm trying to pick Finch up less. The new crib has a side that slides down so I don't have to lift as far. Hopefully she'll learn to climb out when the bar is down, but not when the bar is up.

That was the plan. Finch loved the crib - the springs make it slightly bouncy. It was like sitting on a trampoline! But then mom tried to get her to lay down! and turned off the lights! She cried and cried and cried....and then she turned the crying up 2 notches, and I knew I had to check on her. (You have to understand - Finch is my delightful child. She gets upset when I *forget* to put her to bed. She smiles at me when I put her down for nap time/the night.)

Finch had managed to kick her leg through one of the slats of the crib. She was stuck! I scooped her up and after many hugs put her back in the playpen for the night. She scolded me, but quieted as soon as I closed the door.

I didn't think she'd need a bumper. My bad. I found a cute Winnie the Pooh bumper on ebay. Hopefully I can coax her into trying the new crib again once it arrives.

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