Sunday, February 10, 2008


I scored a nice Ameda breast pump on Haqon drove an hour to go pick it up. What a sweetie!

My latest craving: potatoes smothered in cheese. Dad used to steam potatoes and throw cheese on for the last couple minutes. Steamed cheese is....heavenly! Throw some Spike on top. Mix up some fry sauce for dipping. Yum! College taught me to spoon cottage cheese on top. Broccoli, too, if you want it to seem more nutritious.

I just spent 10 minutes recording my darling kids blowing raspberries for posterity! Yay for sound! I'd hoped they'd be so embarrassed watching the video that they'd do something less icky next time. No hope. They just laughed...and pointed out who was in the video.

16 weeks--half way.

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Amy said...

Mmmm, that does sound good!


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