Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's a GIRL!! and a GIRL!!

Ok, so mom was wrong. I'm delighted to have a pair of cuties to dress up in dresses! And No, we haven't picked out any girl names yet.

Baby B is quite modest. She wouldn't open her legs wide enough to tell her sex for the longest time. Also, she was sitting on top of Baby A - making it hard to tell her sex either. Luckily with identical twins you only have to catch one of them! Eventually they both showed themselves to be girls. The appointment was so long! I almost fell asleep. My tummy hurts from all the prodding.

Baby B is resting with her feet propped up on Baby A's tummy. Yes, she kicked Baby A's head during the ultra sound.

I used the camcorder to capture Beautiful Rabbit's reaction to twin sisters. I expected squeals and jumping and general wildness as suits my Beautiful Rabbit. Instead, she said that she wants us to have twin boys. She wanted to stick to mommy's prediction (even after I was proven wrong). Then she explained that it was like Strong Bear's ultrasound. She was 4 years old. Completely fearless, she glared at the doctor and informed him that he was wrong - mommy was going to have a girl not a boy. The doctor deferred to mom and slipped out of the room.

Beautiful Rabbit can't image anyone being smaller than Delightful Finch. The twins will be about 17lbs smaller than Finch. Tiny.


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