Monday, February 4, 2008

Can't we just skip Tuesday?

I was so excited for my appointment with the perinatologist that I thought today was Tuesday! I even asked Haqon to take the garbage cans out for pick-up. He thanked me for reminding him a full day in advance.

We're praying that Dr Pnat will find a very thin line between the twins that would mean they're in separate amniotic sacks. That would lower the risks of the unthinkable considerably. Plus, since I'm 15 weeks along, Dr Pnat might be able to determine the sex of the babies :)

My appointment is Wednesday morning, so I have to wait through another day! I'd hoped my nausea would be gone by now, but it was especially bad today. I've started picking up Delightful Finch less. She's so independent that it's easy most of the time :)

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