Monday, March 3, 2008

Life without Power

The power went out while I was in the shower. Not that I noticed - it's so bright in our bathroom just from the window. Breakfast was hard. The Albertson's guy was on his way - but not until after noon. Frozen breakfast had been the plan. The new plan was Carl's Jr. I loaded the kids up in the car and then pushed the garage door opener. Nothing.'s on batteries!! Apparently, only the remotes are on batteries. Ooops.

After a very creative breakfast....

Strong Bear: Mom, can I play bunnies?
Mom: I'm sorry, sweetie, bunnies isn't working right now.
Strong Bear: Mom, can I watch Diego?
Mom: Oh, Diego isn't working right now, either.
Strong Bear: It's working! I want Diego.
Mom: OK. If you can get the TV to turn on, you can watch Diego.
[Strong Bear pushing buttons]
Strong Bear: Oh. It's not working, Mom. Mom, can I play Zuma on your computer?
Mom: My computer isn't working right now, either.
Strong Bear: Mom, can I play basooka[Worms: Armageddonz]?
Mom: Your computer isn't working right now either. I'm sorry, sweetie, you'll just have to find something else to do.
Strong Bear: Can I play balls on Daddy's computer?
Mom: Daddy's computer isn't working either. Do you want to bring up a balloon from the basement to play with?
Strong Bear: Ya!
[Strong Bear opens basement door, stands on his tippy toes to reach the lightswitch, flips switch 5 times. Looks down the dark stairs.]
Strong Bear: I don't want a balloon.
I, too, could only think of computer-related tasks to accomplish. Strong Bear ended up playing with whatever toys Delightful Finch seemed interested in while I read a book. He's been glued to his computer since the power came back on. I guess that's OK until dinnertime.

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