Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bye, bye CompUSA - thanks for the toys :)

I love my digital camera! Besides pictures, it lets me take 30-sec videos w/out sound. I adore the video clips of Rabbit, Bear, and Finch. But I really wish I'd captured their voices, too!

With the twins on their way, I've been sorely tempted to splurge on a camcorder. Well, thanks to CompUSA's going out of business sale, I'm the proud new owner of a Sony Handycam! My brain was too fuzzy to figure out how to use it last night. Hopefully I'll have better luck this afternoon. It's digital with a 30gb hdd.

Beautiful Rabbit already has plans for a music video and a Diego episode, featuring herself, Strong Bear, and Delightful Finch! I'm so excited!!

Haqon hunted down a great discount on a digital picture frame. He's wanted one for his office for ages, but I'd been worried picture quality. I kept telling him to wait for the technology to advance. The pictures look amazing. He can display one picture or run a slide show.

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Safire said...

I loved having a camcorder when we were little. My brother and I did puppet shows that are hilarious to watch. Have fun with your new toys!


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