Friday, February 22, 2008


***WARNING***: This is a poop story. Don't read today's entry if poop stories gross you out. Don't read this while you're eating.

****Really - just skip it if you're squeamish*******

You've been warned....

Ok. I'm under doctor's orders to not lift anything heavy. Sadly, Delightful Finch is 2.5lbs too heavy for me to lift. I try sooo hard to be strict about this, but sometimes I just have to pick her up!

We're naked-potty training Strong Bear. He will turn 3 in May. He was doing really well before our weekend trip. When we came back, he refused to go in the potty--even when I offer him candy. It's been a few days, and today I was at my computer when I heard him tinkling in the potty. Yay!

A few minutes later, Delightful Finch walks past my chair. Ewwww - STINKY! I guess I'm gonna have to change her diaper. I wish we could potty train her before the twins come, but that's just not gonna happen. That's when I looked down. My delightful Finch is carrying a big brown chunk in her hand. Ewwwww! I quickly check for a binky. Pheww. Finch puts absolutely everything in her mouth, *unless* she's already sucking on her binky.

Using my secret ninja mom powers, I grabbed the chunk in a tissue and scooped her up in my other arm. I deposited the chunk in the toilet and washed Finch's hands 3 times with soap. Then I put her on the couch while I cleaned up the spot on the floor where strong Bear hadn't quite made it.

It's only the second time he hasn't made it for #2. I just wish I'd found it before my sweet lil delightful Finch did. Hey - atleast I didn't have to change a poopie diaper :)

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Safire said...

Ewww!! Yucky! I wish I could potty train Butterfly but I seriously can't run after her all the time to go potty, or get down on the floor to clean. So diapers it is for her until the summer!


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