Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pick your poison

The twins are roughly 5.5" long - about as long as a bell pepper.

I spent most of today reading a book and feeling yucky. I feel less yucky if I get some exercise (walking/pacing the house). But when I walk, my hips start to feel like they're falling off. It hurts. I feel like Mom's slow-roasted turkey - falling apart.

Beautiful Rabbit had SEP (student-educator-parent) Conf yesterday. When I was in gradeschool, they called it parent-teacher conferences. Mom always took me with her and I guess it really caught on. Anyway, it's just a nice excuse to be proud of my beautiful Rabbit. She's a quick study, so I never worry about her academics. She's in a new school this year. (we moved just before the school year.) So, it was nice to hear that she's doing well socially, too.

Beautiful Rabbit insisted on taking Strong Bear and Delightful Finch with us to SEP Conf. Every time a kid walked by, Delightful Finch had to decide if she should follow them or her family. We nearly lost her to the stairs, but after much coaxing she followed us. Beautiful Rabbit likes to show off her cute, lil bro and sis. Strong Bear explored the room while Delightful Finch gnawed on the side of a table.

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