Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tree Jade

When I first saw tree jade, I thought it was painted on. Nope. That's how the rock looks. I should've taken the pictures in sunlight. Staring at winter trees de-stresses me. I was thrilled to find a rock that looked like winter trees over a stream.

Our tree jade is a foot tall and 11 inches wide. They had a tree jade table (think coffee table) that I loved, but it was way too expensive - not to mention too big to carry on to the plane. I love staring at it. I've had plenty of stress to keep me busy.

Today wasn't great. Sexy Haqon and Strong Bear caught a cold with a terrible, deep cough. Strong Bear woke up with a fever. and Beautiful Rabbit was coughing just before she went to bed. Delightful Finch was only delightful while she was in someone's arms. I hope she doesn't catch the cold. I hope I don't catch it. I'm awful at being sick.

Delightful Finch's crib bumper arrived, yay! She slept in her crib last night with only a token protest. This afternoon, she napped in her crib without a single complaint. I think she knows this crib is hers now. I keep forgetting to take a picture of it while she's awake.

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