Thursday, January 31, 2008

Notice Anything Different?

Yesterday I was flipping through a parent's magazine--the kind they stack in doctor's offices so you won't notice that your obstetrician is running an hour late. I was at the obstetrician's. He was running an hour late. The article was on mommy-bloggers. Cute.

The nurse called my name, and the article slid from my mind. Finally! I'm 13 weeks along, and this was my first prenatal visit. (I blame Christmas.)

Twenty minutes later, Dr Obgyn and his intern are smiling over an ultrasound that I can't see. What what what?? He shows me the ultrasound and asks me if I notice anything different.
This is my 4th kid, but my brain somehow doesn't let me see it. Um...that's his head on bottom...and that's, maybe that's his head on top....Well, either way, he's pretty chunky for a fetus. Dr Obgyn saves me by asking if I can see the heads. wait..what?

My sister-in-law, Safire, is having twins. She's 10 weeks ahead of me.

About this time, Haqon calls me from work. He forgot about my appointment. He's calling about date night. I tell him we're having twins. I hear the phone clatter on the ground. Ooops, I should've asked if he was sitting down.

Dr. Obgyn explains the twins are identical. They're sharing an amniotic sack. Identical twins occur 3 times in 1000 births. 1% of those are monoamniotic twins. The only thought in my head is 'doh! My brother's gonna think I'm copying him.'

The rest is a blur. I'm still in shock. My mommy told me to breath. Then I remembered the mommy-blogger article. So here I am, posting my life for the world to see. Somehow it makes me feel better - and while most ultrasound pictures look really weird, these ones make me terribly happy.



Amy said...

Wow! I am speechless!
I just called to gratulate you, but let me say it again:


I hope you, Haqon, and all the kidlets can handle another couple of bundles of love. If you ever feel like freaking out again, just call me!

Safire said...

Great ultrasounds!! They look like they are doing really well and we are so so so excited for you, all of you!

And welcome to the blogging world. I love family blogs. :)

Brandy said...

Congrats!! I am a Safire reader (she's fabulous!) and just wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful news!

jilltan said...

Congrats!! I'm one of Safire's oneline friends! How exciting that the twins will have twin cousins! Amazing!

M said...

Wow, Congratulations! This is Emily. And way to go! And I hope all is well with your TWINS! My stars!

I blog about twice a month at Segullah ( I like keeping in touch via blogs... wow!


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