Friday, March 7, 2008

Clean Paint

We painted the windows today. We mostly used soap and a bit of washable finger paints. They turned about pretty cute. We're only half done in the picture. The windows by the front door turned out really nice, too. Beautiful Rabbit helped lots and the neighbor boy helped some, too.

We watched Elmo today. Delightful Finch is scared of Snuffy! Every time Snuffy came on the screen, she'd scream and run away. Beautiful Rabbit tried to stand in the way so Finch couldn't see Snuffy. That just made Finch annoyed that she couldn't see the show. She tugged Rabbit out of the way, and then screamed and ran cuz she saw Snuffy. Poor thing. He is kinda scary, now that I think about it. Especially when he's stomping on run-away meatballs!

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