Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting Stuck

Delightful Finch has been exploring new ways of getting stuck. She loves to go into a room and close the door so she can't get out. It's fine when I'm by her, but sometimes other family members don't listen for the muffled pleas for help.

She has a fisher price booster seat that she eats on. Instead of strapping it to a chair, we set it on the ground and let her eat next to us. Her newest trick is to sit down on the booster seat when no one's watching and then pull the tray up over and over until it snaps into place and tah dah - she's stuck!

She hasn't tried to climb out of the crib yet. We leave the side down because I got tired of putting it up and down. I'm actually sort of hoping she'll start getting out of bed on her own. I'm only allowed to pick her up for 2 more lbs.

Don't tell Sexy Haqon,....but I can feel the twins kicking now :)

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