Thursday, March 6, 2008

Date night

Sexy Haqon and I both had the same idea for date night this week. We saw Vantage Point. It was good. It's been a while since we did the movie thing. All the posters around the theater were new. It's nice to have a night all to ourselves.

When we came home, the kids didn't see us. They were too busy watching Rayman's Raving Rabbid's videos. We snuck upstairs and talked for about half an hour. I was waiting for Beautiful Rabbit to call me on the cell phone. I was going to tell her, "I can't hear you very well. Go up in my bedroom and close the door. Then I'll be able to hear you better." She never called, so I wasn't able to play my trick.

Turns out she'd tricked us! She saw us come in and pretended not to notice. It was a good trick.

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