Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dr Peri Visit Today

The twins are very active. Baby B is still using Baby A's head as a foot rest. My perinatologist is going to start seeing me every 2 weeks now. One chamber of Baby B's heart is too much smaller than the other chambers. We're pretty sure she'll need surgery once she's born. I'll go see a fetal cardiologist next month so they can plan everything out. They might try to leave the babies in a few weeks longer so Baby B will be more ready for her surgery. We'll know more next month. Did you know that 25 weeks is the best time to see the heart in an ultrasound? Now you do ;)


Amy said...

We will definitely pray for your little baby's heart.

Safire said...

Ah, that's why they did the major scan on my baby's heart around that time. :) I really like my cardiologist. It's amazing what they can see (all the valves and everything!) even though their heart is about the size of a quarter. I'm anxiously waiting till next month when you'll know more! Do they say that it might even itself out before she's born?

RainSplats said...

It might even itself out, but they thought it would start doing it by now and it hasn't. so, i guess we'll see have to wait and see.


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