Friday, March 21, 2008

Eggs, Showers, Fans

We decorated Easter eggs today while Delightful Finch was napping. Beautiful Rabbit is very creative with colors and stickers. Strong Bear likes green and orange.

When Delightful Finch woke up, she was hungry! Mommy was busy playing with her new cpu fan, so Finch reached up as high as she could and pulled the newspaper off the table. She was rewarded with a shower of colorful eggs to eat! It must've been a dream come true! ...until Mom and Rabbit rescued the eggs before Finch could finish chewing through the shells. Poor lil girl!

With my cpu fan properly installed(and the kids well fed), I discovered I didn't fry my chip or my motherboard - yay :) I'm still having the computer problem I had before my fan died. When I right-click on my hdd or my cd drive, instead of a context menu, my puter just thinks and thinks and thinks. All I get is the hour glass.

UPDATE: My computer is fixed! I had to uninstall a program that I haven't used in 4 years. I have no idea why its shell extension started causing me trouble this month. Iomega hotburn. craziness!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Congratulations on not killing your computer! Brian just found a $17 replacement fan for ours, which was dying but not dead yet. That puter sounds marvy now!

Oh, and your eggs are absolutely gorgeous!


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