Friday, March 14, 2008

Ice and Shoes

Sexy Haqon conjured a smoothie maker! Actually, we got a blender that does ice because all the reviews on smoothie makers were awful. He made a smoothie last night that had fruit with a little bit of peanut butter. It was yummy! Glad you like your new toy, honey :)

Delightful Finch went with us to the store so we could get her some shoes. I'm not big on baby shoes, but she needs something to protect her feet outside. She LOVES going outside and hates wearing anything on her feet - even socks. We got her some purple, soft-soled shoes. She tried them on and walked around the store. Every person that walked by stopped to adore her. They couldn't believe someone so tiny was walking. It was a slow walk to the front of the store. Sexy Haqon got impatient and waited in line at the checkout for us. Delightful Finch loved stopping to look at everything on the shelves at eye level.

There was a Dora cup set that I had to physically tear her away from. I guess she really likes Dora. She put her nose right up on the box to peek inside at Dora, and then she "talked" to her. She must've recognized Dora from Strong Bear's Diego online games. (Dora is Diego's cousin).

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Safire said...

We love love love those kinds of shoes. I think Butterfly wore them for a solid year before she grew out of the sizes and we moved onto regular shoes. They make great Sunday shoes and I think they have some sandles too! :)


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