Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So close to dinner...

For a few blessed minutes, I thought I'd come across a dinner that the whole family would eat - beef stroganoff! Alas, Delightful Finch (who isn't that picky and usually loves everything pasta) wouldn't touch it. I might try again in a couple months. Delightful Finch is teething something awful tonight. She did like the lime jello I'd made for dessert. As usual, she ate half of it and painted the floor with half of it. She even opened the snow peas so she could throw a few peas across the floor. I think she's training for the twins arrival. It'll be up to Finch to teach them everything about everything!

Yesterday was awful. I felt sick all day and had a horrible headache. Today was better. So, I organized all the kids' clothes and labeled the drawers so people who aren't me can figure out how to dress the kids.

We watched the last episode of Witchhunter Robin. I'm sad they didn't continue the series. It had a good ending. So, of course, I wanted more. Beautiful Rabbit is learning how to draw people. She actually declined a walk to the lake because she was busy with drawing stuff. I'm glad she likes it.

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Amy said...

I haven't had much luck with stroganoff in my family, unfortunately. I've always liked it.

I wish we could walk to the lake! Our lake is next to the dump, and it's too far away to walk to.


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